Caring for your Hue

Once you've decided on the Hue Lane accessory to make your very own you'll want to know how to take care of it to keep it looking it's best and to help ensure it lasts you for many years to come.

Holding open gelato shells shoulder bag

Wash at home

You can wash your bag or accessory at home either by hand or in the washing machine. Remove the leather handles first by opening the brass clasp rings and then wash in a cold gentle machine wash or by hand with quality laundry liquid or powder.

To best protect the print, wash shoulder bags, crossbody bags and purses inside out and if possible in a wash bag.

It's best not to soak, wring or rub the fabric.

Clasp detail

Dry clean

You can also have your bag dry cleaned using Hydrocarbon (perc free).

Dry and iron

Once washed, pull your bag or accessory back into shape and dry flat. Use a warm iron on the reverse side and if you'd like to also iron the print side use a cool iron on that side.

Inside bag


It's best to hang up your shoulder bag or crossbody bag when not using.

Petal shoulder bag hanging up

Care for your leather handle

Try and keep your leather handle dry as much as possible however if it does get wet try and dry it as soon as you're able to. To dry excess water, blot it with a dry towel then hang up to air dry. For a light clean, wipe with a dry cloth. 

Crossbody bag detail

I'll be putting together a similar guide for looking after your Hue Lane homewares however in the meantime you can find care instructions for all pieces on the product pages and the care instructions page here >>

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