Limited edition collections

All our collections are limited release so you know you are purchasing something really special.

  • "It is so exquisitely beautiful! I am beaming from ear to ear every time I look at it!"

    - Lucienne

  • "Arrived beautifully presented and the bag is gorgeous - love the colour tones used. I want to sling some books and a water bottle in it for a flight next week..."

    - Natalie

  • "The fabric is such high quality and the designs are making me dream of Summer"

    - Katy

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  • Local, ethical manufacturing

    Our manufacturing partners are Australian businesses who have been though an independent accreditation process to ensure they are looking after the rights of their workers.

  • Natural materials

    Our fabrics are natural linen and linen/cotton blends and our printing partner has invested in technology leading the way in sustainable textile colouration.

  • Quality

    The highest quality materials and hardware are used to ensure products are both beautiful and made to last.

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