Here at Hue Lane we delight in how colour and design can lift moods and spread happiness. We want to make it easy for you to express your own love of colour through beautiful, painterly accessories and homewares.

Inspired by travel and nature, Clare Mazitelli paints the designs using a mixture of watercolours and acrylics. The designs are printed onto beautiful, thick and strong, natural fabrics and exceptionally crafted into thoughtful pieces - all done right here in Australia.

Story behind the (new) name

Often described as distinctly Australian (something we *love* to hear as passionate fans of Australian art and design ourselves!) Hue Lane actually began in Brighton, UK where we were living at the time. The beautiful, vibrant, colourful and creative city is famous for its 'lanes' and 'laines'. Combining this with the word 'Hue' meaning variety of a colour, it was a perfect fit and is a name that encompasses the talented printers, crafters and makers who bring the pieces to life.

Our values

Limited collections and timeless designs

We commit to small batch manufacturing and limited collections. This means your piece is really special and helps ensure we don't over produce. Designing timeless pieces means you can add them to your sustainable wardrobe and they won't go out of fashion.

Natural materials

Our fabrics are 100% natural linen and linen/cotton blends. Natural fibres are both renewable and biodegradable.

Our printing partner has invested in technology that leads the way in sustainable textile colouration. All chemical and colourants used in the printing process are Oeko-Tex approved. By using pigment ink they utilise no water and have no waste ink during the printing process.

The leather used in our straps is naturally vegetable-tanned and a by-product of the meat industry.

Manufacturing locally and ethically

Manufacturing in Australia helps us keep the highest standard of quality. It also reduces our carbon footprint by minimising transportation and fuel usage.

Our manufacturing partners have been though an independent accreditation process to ensure they are looking after the rights of their workers.

Strong hardware, made to last

We use the highest quality materials and hardware ensuring products are beautiful and made to last.