Sky blue colour story

I'm starting a series of colour stories as I'm fascinated by the way we perceive colour and the ability it has to affect our moods. I also suspect the little community you are part of with me on here loves colour just as much as me and I hope you enjoy these insights!

So many factors can affect our perception of colour - our backgrounds, experiences, biology and fashion trends.

The colour of the sky and the ocean, blue is the world's most popular favourite colour* - and certainly a personal favourite of my own. Various shades of blue feature a lot in my designs and I love that it has the power to bring a feeling of tranquility and peace as well as an increase in happiness - who doesn't want a bit of that in their life?!

Blue is lovely to wear or accessorise with but is also particularly beautiful for interiors in the warmer months to bring that calm, cool feeling to a room. It has apparently been scientifically proven to actually lower our body temperature so definitely a colour to use more of in Summer although I do love a cozy blue jumper when it's cool!

Blue paint swatch

Funnily enough – but it makes sense – blue is one of the least appetizing colours – possibly due to the lack of naturally occurring blue foods (aside from maybe blueberries?).

I hope you've enjoyed this first post in my colour series - I'll be posting a new colour insight each month or so so keep your eye out for more to come.

Clare x

*According to

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