Summertime coffee

My weekday morning coffee is as much about the flavour and hit of caffeine as it is about the ritual. Taking the time to make it in a favourite cup and enjoying a quiet moment before getting stuck into work, it marks the transition between school drop-off and the next part of my day and gets me into the right head space.

There’s nothing like a hot cup on a cool day but for the warmer seasons I have a few drink and dessert discoveries to share that will have you enjoying your coffee just as much in summer, if not even more!

ice coffee

Ice coffee

A simple (so simple I can’t believe it took me so long) tip I found last year to make your ice coffee oh-so-much-better is to use coffee ice-cubes instead of regular ice - it means the flavour lasts as you sip rather than being diluted as the ice melts – genius.


Coffee mousse 

Another one by Silvia Colloca (I'm  fan!): Coffee mousse (crema di caffè) 

I often use decaf, or a mix of decaf and regular, for desserts if I’d rather not give everyone a caffeine hit at night time.

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